Customize our services to the unique needs of your organization

Our process addresses each of the following contexts:

  • Personal (attitudes, beliefs, opinions)
  • Interpersonal (behaviors, treatments, and relationships)
  • Institutional (policies, practices, and systems)
  • Cultural (values, norms, and expression)

What We Offer

Our multicultural organizational development process incorporates a variety of approaches and techniques that address what people think,what they do, and how they feel about cultural differences and changes. Training is most often a component of organizational development.

VISIONS PACE and Ongoing Skill Building Supervision workshops are ideally suited for groups and individuals.

We assess the organization’s culture to address unique challenges.

Action-oriented curriculum for youth and the adults who support them.

Introduces a common set of skills and a language for entering and engaging in D&I conversations.

Workshops & Trainings

Our workshops and training sessions allow for difficult and intensive work within a model that makes participants feel safe enough to stay invested and engaged throughout.

Each workshop combines personal and group experiential learning, conceptual theory, and opportunities to practice new approaches.

Our excellent client satisfaction is the result of:

  • The expertise of our consultants
  • The strength of our theory
  • The non-judgmental atmosphere we create
  • Our commitment to addressing the specific needs of our clients—for individuals or organizational groups

PACE (Personal Approach to Change and Equity) Level I is the foundational workshop offered by VISIONS. When you complete this course, we believe you will have the skills necessary to:

  • Identify previously unconscious biases and misinformation in yourself, in others, and in organizations.
  • Communicate more effectively across difference.
  • Recognize personal, interpersonal, institutional and cultural barriers to inclusion.
  • Understand the ongoing personal effects of historical and contemporary exclusion and oppression, for example, the effects of sexism on both men and women.
  • Facilitate change in groups and organizations to create a supportive environment of inclusion.
  • Per person cost: $1,150.
  • If you need support on the course fees, please email us at

​​PACE 1 is required to become a VISIONS Consultant.

Upcoming dates:

  • July 20-23 - EDT
  • Oct. 19-22 - EDT
  • Nov. 16-19 - PST
  • Jan. 18-21 - PST
  • April 26-29 - EDT
  • June 14-17 - PDT

PACE Level II advances the skills learned in Level I, adds new skills and gives participants the opportunity to practice in order to gain increased comfort and fluency in their use.

In Level II, participants:

  • Review material from Level I, focusing on areas in which they desire more guidance and practice in using the tools and material.
  • Learn about and try on using worldview differences.
  • Explore group identity development and its impacts on cross-cultural. interactions and organizational change.
  • Practice facilitation skill and intervention strategies (Transactional Analysis/Gestalt theory, cooperative problem solving, and other personal and community change models).
  • Per person cost: $1,150.
  • If you need support on the course fees, please email us at​

Upcoming dates:

  • Aug. 17-20

Ongoing Skill Building Supervision

VISIONS regards diversity and inclusion training as an ongoing process.

In response to clients’ request for continued learning, support and feedback, VISIONS has Ongoing Skill Building courses for individuals and small groups who have taken the PACE Level I training. Current courses include Ongoing Supervision (offered annually in several locations) and TA (Transactional Analysis) 101 (offered every two years).

In Ongoing Supervision, participants:

  • Explore specific personal and organizational challenges around inclusion.
  • Practice applying core tools and facilitation skills to these challenges.
  • Deepen their learning of worldview theory, group identity, cooperative problem solving, and TA theory.
  • Challenge personal unconscious biases within a cooperative peer context.
  • Cost per person, per session: $2,000 new attendees / $1,600 returning

Supervision Sessions (all sessions planned for remote participation)

East Coast Peer Supervision 2021 (closed)
July 22-23, Oct. 28-29

West Coast Peer Supervision 2021 (closed)
July 18-19, Oct. 24-25

Upcoming TA 101 Sessions

Organizational Development

When VISIONS engages with a client, we first work to assess and understand the organization’s culture and then to address the challenges unique to it. We build upon existing diversity efforts that a client already has in place. This accelerates the rate at which participants feel valued, included, and committed to the organization’s diversity and inclusion objectives.
Our consultations incorporate the following elements:

  • Climate assessment, to establish the starting point and later milestones;
  • Creating internal support groups or task forces, to generate commitment and involvement;
  • Training, for experiential learning;
  • Building internal capacity, to continue the work long term.

Youth Engagement

Enhancing youth leadership skills is a key component in all of our youth work.

We provide workshops, technical assistance and training for youth, and the adults who support them. Our workshops for youth are co-facilitated by VISIONS Youth Consultants (ages 16-24), who are trained to teach youth peer leadership skills.

Youth services and resources currently offered include:

  • Customized workshops and programs for youth, as well as for adults who work with youth.
  • The Legacy Project, a summer employment and leadership skills training program.
  • YES! Kit, a printed training curriculum with DVD support available for purchase and use by adults and youth workers.


Not your everyday training program, Inclusion In Action is interactive and self-paced, and uses relatable workplace scenarios to teach employees inclusive communication skills that can lead to better work relationships and results.