Customize our services to the unique needs of your organization

Our process addresses each of the following contexts:

  • Personal (attitudes, beliefs, opinions)
  • Interpersonal (behaviors, treatments, and relationships)
  • Institutional (policies, practices, and systems)
  • Cultural (values, norms, and expression)

Organizational Development

When VISIONS engages with a client, we first work to assess and understand the organization’s culture and then to address the challenges unique to it. We build upon existing diversity efforts that a client already has in place. This accelerates the rate at which participants feel valued, included, and committed to the organization’s diversity and inclusion objectives.
Our consultations incorporate the following elements:

  • Climate assessment, to establish the starting point and later milestones;
  • Creating internal support groups or task forces, to generate commitment and involvement;
  • Training, for experiential learning;
  • Building internal capacity, to continue the work long term.