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Fall 2021 Anniversary Fundraiser: Environmental Justice
8 Nov. 2021

We showcased a panel of experts in invigorating and thought-provoking discussions on one of the most important topics of our time: environmental justice. The event was hosted by VISIONS Board member, Jude Goldman. The panel discussion was moderated by VISIONS Innovations Manager, Lawrence Alexander.

Featuring: Chris Dickerson (VISIONS Board member, and the co-founder of Players For the Planet), Derrick Z. Jackson (VISIONS consultant and journalist), and Adrianna Quintero (Energy Foundation’s first Senior Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion).



"From Instagram to Strategic Plans: Student Activism and The Summer of 'Black @' "
14 Dec. 2020

The Summer of 2020 saw students in educational institutions from K through college take their activism to Instagram to share their displeasure with their respective schools' racial toxicity via various pages entitled "Black @____." These pages have led to many schools and organizations mobilizing their work in racial equity and inclusion at break-neck paces. In a moment of reflection, we want to talk with the creators of those pages to check in on the progress of those movements, and to learn from school leaders what kind of authentic changes have occurred.

Ashley Amato (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coordinator at Palmer Trinity School), Brandon Jacobs (Director of DEI at The Shipley School & alumnus of The Hill School), and Melissa Agudelo (Principal at San Diego Unified School District).


Webinar"Living with the Decision: Life AFTER the Election"
Anniversary celebration & webinar
10 Nov. 2020​

How does our country move forward with a presidential election that produced a result that divides our country?
How can we move from a paradigm of "winners and losers" to "fellow citizens and human beings"?
How can we move from political leaning to moral upstanding?

Featuring: ​Donald Ruff (Eagle Academy Foundation), Jim Turner(John F. Kennedy University), and Angela R. Bryant, J.D. (VISIONS co-founder).


Webinar"Law Enforcement and Community Development - Navigating Problems and Partnerships"
​14 Oct. 2020

​How are communities reconciling the demand for justice and police reform with the pressing need for community protection and law enforcement?
​How can we move communities in crisis from paralysis to partnership?

Featuring: ​Larell Smith-Bacon (Executive Director
Restorative Response Baltimore), Judge Leroy Burke III (ret., Former lead judge,  Chatham County Juvenile Court, Ga.), and Markis M. Abraham, Esq. (NY & NJ attorney).


Webinar"DEI Won't Do: ​A Conversation About White Responsibility" in education
​24 June 2020

As our educational institutions respond to two pandemics, schools are calling on DEI practitioners for guidance. That guidance won't simply entail restorative justice for your students and employees of color. It will call for anti-racist training and for white folx to take responsibility for dismantling institutionalized racism.

Featuring: Hideko Akashi (VISIONS Consultant, over 20 years of experience in the educational sector), Dr. Leena Akhtar (VISIONS Consultant, extensively researched and worked on issues of cultural change around discrimination, harassment, and power-based violence in organizations and institutions), Toyin Augustus (VISIONS Associate, over 15 years of teaching experience), and Sarah Werkman (VISIONS Consultant, Colby College).