On yesterday’s events in Washington, DC

While yesterday’s events at our nation’s capital were upsetting and heartbreaking, I also feel more motivated than ever to advance the vital work we tackle each day.

As Dr. Val states “we [at VISIONS] work to develop on-going relationships over time to address the structures that create lack of equitable contact in concert with creating corrective experiences.”

Equitable. Relationships. Corrective experiences. This is the tangible work we do alongside our community and partners. And, it’s never been more important.

Yesterday was a shocking and yet not entirely surprising, day for democracy. The scenes at the nation’s capitol were terribly upsetting and saddening. The assault on our electoral process cuts to the core of our shared democratic principles and ideals, and highlights the division in this country. As each one of us comes to terms with what took place and what it means, we invite you to be a part of the VISIONS community; a community that is guided by the values of respect, equity, and inclusivity, and grounded in our mission to work through, accept, and overcome our differences.

We may not be as far along as we would like. We may feel overwhelmed and discouraged today. We may be impatient. Let’s remember that our team is well-poised to create awareness and highlight emotionally-impacting experiences, which will lead to the lasting change our country so desperately needs. So, we process yesterday’s events. We show grace to ourselves and others, and then we get back to work.

The work we do to educate and build awareness as an organization and in partnership with clients continues to be vital. Emotionally impacting experiences are what lead to the lasting change our country so desperately needs.

And finally, these traumatic events will impact each of us differently, so please remember to take care of yourselves and those around you.

-Elika Dadsetan-Foley
VISIONS Executive Director