Independence Day – What does liberty & justice for all means to you?

As we celebrate Independence Day this year, we invite you to think about what the phrase “Liberty & justice for all” means to you. In this country there are so many voices to hear from. And so many that have yet to be heard. This country’s historic day of independence and freedom in some ways does not mark a day of freedom for many living in America, then and now. Today we think about that history and what it means for us today, and what “liberty and justice for all” might look like ahead of us. This is what a few members of the VISIONS team think —

 “I feel that the phrase “Liberty and Justice for all” is aspirational.” 

“Liberty and justice for all” has never been a reality in this country for those of us who are not white, cis, heteronormative, male, and able bodied”

“As we reckon with continued injustice and inequality in this country, it is important to remember that we are capable of fighting injustice and making our own definition for this phrase.”

“To strive for liberty and justice for all also represents that we must acknowledge the reality of injustices and violations of freedom that exist today and work to remedy them.”

“As an immigrant, I have learnt that freedom is not something that everyone in America enjoys. For all the flaws of this country, there is still a lot to celebrate!”

What does liberty and justice for all mean to YOU?

-From the VISIONS Team