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How do clinicians who are deeply impacted by racism and marginalization sustain their work? What does it mean to embody humility and self-awareness while working against oppression in clinical practice? Join four VISIONS consultants whose clinical experience informs their DEI work with organizations, groups, and individuals for a reflective and exploratory webinar on topics including:

  • how power and privilege have historically operated in the field of mental health
  • why a deep awareness of equity and racial justice are integral to effective clinical practice
  • how an understanding of human behavior is key to engaging in effective DEI and organizational culture-change work
  • the importance of rest, collective healing, and reimagining clinical competency in promoting racial equity and justice.

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Meet the Panel

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Lawrence Q. Alexander II is an independent consultant serving schools as a DEIB strategist. Formerly, Alexander led the DEIB practice at Carney Sandoe & Associates for three years. Prior to that, Alexander spent more than 15 years working in higher education and at independent schools in college admissions, college counseling, and DEIB. Alexander is originally from Jersey City, NJ and is a proud alumni of St.Peter's Preparatory School. He currently resides in South Dartmouth, MA.

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Emily Schatzow is a psychotherapist, trainer, and consultant with VISIONS, Inc. She co-founded a local women’s mental health center with her colleagues. She developed theory and practice that challenged existing paradigms by seeing mental health as a byproduct of economic, social, political, and cultural realities. She has a graduate degree in counselor education from Boston University. She was a Clinical Supervisor at the Victims of Violence Program at Cambridge Health Alliance where she developed and trained faculty and staff on various types of trauma groups for clients in different stages of recovery. She was a lecturer in psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. She currently co-facilitates an international Learning Collaborative on trauma groups with Dr. Judith Herman.

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Dr. Sparks is leading the development of VISIONS' upcoming mental health services program. She received her Ph.D. in the Personality and Social Contexts area of Psychology and Masters in Social Work, both at the University of Michigan. Haley has worked as a therapist with individuals, couples, families, and groups and currently serves as the Director of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion in External Affairs at the University of California, Los Angeles.

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Ellen Morrison, LCSW collaborates with groups and individuals in catalyzing their efforts toward equity, bringing attention to the analysis of power as a core element of interpersonal and organizational change. Her work as a DEIB consultant is informed by a 25-year career in community mental health specializing in systems work.

She has a consultancy practice focused on antiracism and organizes with the Bay Area Chapter of SURJ.

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Dr. Turner is a professor of Psychology at John F. Kennedy University in Pleasant Hill, CA, and a specialist in chemical dependency and addictions, and a member of the American Psychological Association. He retired from Kaiser Permanente Medical Center Oakland, Ca. after 24 years of service as a staff psychologist, Director of Training, and Assistant Program Director. He earned his doctorate in psychology from University of California-Berkeley Campus.