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Join us for a LIVE screening of Light In Us Dark Ones
at the University of San Diego!

7:00pm, Thursday, October 19th @Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies, Room D.

About the Film 

Light In Us Dark Ones is the first ever feature film produced by VISIONS, Inc.  Directed by U.S. Navy Veteran Alicia "Ali" Buckner, the film creatively tells the story of VISIONS co-founder Dr. Valerie Batts’ early life. Inspired by true events, the film crafts a narrative of a young woman whose upbringing and connection to family and community lead her to take on big challenges and begin building a legacy of healing in a world steeped in division.

Light in Us Dark Ones was commissioned by the VISIONS Board as a part of our 38th-anniversary celebration and as a continuation of our efforts to capture aspects of our origin story and the living legacy of our founders and elders.

The film is personal and historical, unique, and also familiar as the founders of VISIONS encountered many of the traumas and barriers understood to be a part of segregation in the Jim Crow South. Light In Us Dark Ones provides a frank and honest reflection of these experiences, as well as hope for the impact we each can have in changing the realities around us.


About the Director 

Fôlsheart Productions was established in early 2018 by U.S. Navy Veteran Alicia Buckner, nicknamed "Ali" (pronounced Ah-Lee). With a mission of continuing to create award-winning films, Ali is also a jury member for the Hollywood Gold Awards. Ali prides herself on consistently bringing diverse voices together in front of and behind the camera. She continues to build her global team with people from the United States,  South Africa, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Pakistan, Asia, and India.



Interested in learning more about the film or hosting your own screening of Light In Us Dark Ones?

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