Jabari Brown

Jabari Carmichael Brown is an explorer, storyteller and creator. Not much of an inside kid, he found solace in the great Mississippi outdoors. Exploring was an opportunity for Jabari to dream of the possibilities of life and to learn about how to grow food, read the sun and understand what time of day it was.
In 2011 Jabari joined Jeanne, Johanna and Leo in founding Grow Dat Youth Farm. Grow Dat is an urban farm in New Orleans that nurtures young leaders through the meaningful work of growing food. While at Grow Dat he wore many hats but finished his tenure with the organization as the Program Manager and Site Manager. As the Program Manager he was responsible for supervising 45 teenagers and 8 young adults, curriculum development, logistics, parent contact liaison and fundraising just to name a few. As the Site Manager he was responsible for maintaining an eco-campus, and 4 acres of lawns, bio swells, swamps, old growth hardwoods and understory, riparian areas and his engagement was crucial in designing the early phases of the birding corridor in City Park.
Jabari is a dynamite speaker and has even stronger listening skills. He often teaches from his personal experiences, which builds connections with participants. He is fulfilling the dreams of his ancestors by fighting to preserve humanity for each person. He is enthusiastic, humble, brave and leads by example.