Valerie A. Batts

VP Consulting (Founding Director)
Dr. Valerie Batts is a clinical psychologist who has been providing executive coaching, consultation and technical assistance to corporate and non-profit executives since 1987.  Clients have included the Procter and Gamble Company (over 20 business units in the US and internationally), Baxter HealthCare, Cummins Engine, Kaiser Health Systems, the Kellogg Foundation, the National Council of Churches, the Episcopal House of Bishops, USA, the Cape Town South Africa City Council and Technikon SA (the largest distance learning institution in SA).  She is known for her compassionate yet action-oriented approach to enhancing effective leadership development that incorporates an understanding of how senior leaders can apply a diversity/inclusion lens in their on-going work.  Her experience in both the for-profit and not for profit sector gives her unique insight into how senior executives can impact their companies both internally and within the communities in which they thrive.