Jeyanthy Siva

Jeyanthy is a facilitator, trainer, mediator, and coach who works with people dedicated to change to do so in effective ways that recognize power and human nature. With a background in Nonviolent Communication and Transformative Justice, Jeyanthy brings the technique of anti-oppression power analysis, the style of empathetic facilitation, and the unique experience of being grounded in three different worlds (war-torn Sri Lanka, academia in the US and now based in the Netherlands) to all of her work as a tool for allowing everyone to feel heard and seen in the midst of conflict or any challenging conversation. Her work is rooted and deepened through a decolonial lens and an understanding of domination systems and how they facilitate systemic oppression (i.e. white supremacy, ableism, transphobia, etc). Her skills are in areas of anti-racism training/facilitation, conflict transformation and dialogue, restorative and transformative justice, facilitation (team retreats, project planning, caucus’), gender and social inclusion & community engagement. She is a researcher on decolonizing minds and methodologies as well as healing internalized Oppression.