Austyn Ellese Mayfield

Communication and Marketing Consultant
From poet to journalist to content strategist & culture builder, Austyn Ellese Mayfield has spent the better part of 15 years crafting messages and experiences that move audiences to think, feel, and respond. Austyn Ellese has held leadership positions in in-house content production, DEI, & organizational effectiveness across the sectors of higher education, healthcare, entertainment, and publishing. Combining technical expertise and strategy acumen, she creates and facilitates UX-focused curricula & initiatives that help drive client innovation and outcomes. As the founder & creative director of the boutique agency KoS Creative Media, LLC, Austyn Ellese offers full content creation and consulting services in video production, copy, event production, brain development, & culture creation. She also brings her integrated thought-leadership to teams & organizations as a speaker, panelist, and group facilitator.