Lou Brindell

Tech Consultant
Louis Klingelhoffer, who prefers to go by Lou Brindell, his mother’s last name and his own stage name, has been working as a Tech Consultant with VISIONS since spring of 2020. He grew up in San Francisco and now makes his home in South Lake Tahoe, California. Lou, the son of professional, classical orchestral musicians, is a father of three, a musician himself, and a student of the social sciences. With a degree in Sound Arts, experience working as an audio tech in live sound, the stagehand’s union in SF, and recording music on computers for over two decades, Lou treats a tech job with the same intentionality that he would bring to any performance. Professionalism, attention to detail, anticipation, tasteful musical selections, and thoughtful engagement with the subject matter allow Lou to be a valuable member of a facilitation team. With an educational focus on the social sciences and history, Lou is in the process of completing his bachelor’s degree in Sociology at Chico State, with hopes of a master’s and/or PhD program in the future. He is extremely grateful for the work that he currently does with VISIONS, as it functions like a paid internship that coordinates directly with his educational goals of eventually becoming a professor that approaches teaching through a DEI lens. Additionally, the tech work that he has performed with a dynamic range of amazing consultants and DEI leaders, has given Lou a unique window into many different teaching styles and approaches to learn from.