Power Through Partnership: How Women Lead Better Together

Power through partnership
Drawing from their own twelve-year partnership and from interviews with 125 women business partners across the world, Betsy Polk and Maggie Chotas have learned something powerful: when women work together they discover a level of support, balance, confidence, accountability, and freedom to be themselves that is rarely found in other work relationships.


Who’s Mentioned in It (on page 10)? VISIONS, Inc. Co-Founders, Valerie A. Batts and Angela R. Bryant!

 “And, who needs Thelma and Louise when Valerie Batts and Angela Bryant, co-founders of VISIONS, Inc., are teaching CEOs across the globe how to dismantle gender biases and racism in order to gain true equality?”

Heroic male partnerships are a staple business success story, but you rarely hear the same about female partners. Unfortunately, too many women never even consider working together. In this book the authors explore why and destroy the myths, stereotypes, and misplaced fears that get in the way of female partnerships (no easy task when even science claims that women have the “B” gene). Maggie and Betsy then go on to explain that when women collaborate—combining complementary skills, and supporting each other—they can work as full equals to achieve something that’s exponentially greater than they could achieve alone.For academic desk copies, please contact Mike Crowley.

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