Liberation Generation!


The Event Planning Manual:

The youth will split into three committees (“Theme”, “Production” and “Marketing/outreach” committees).  They should follow the prompts in the event planning manual to help them get a sense of what to work on during each session. Each committee is responsible for some specific aspects of the event planning process. The facilitator should  describe the responsibilities of each committee and the youth get to pick which committee they are most interested in being in (some of the youth will not get their first pick; each is asked to identify their top two choices).


Facilitator’s Guide:

This guide includes detailed descriptions of each module. Each module centers a VISIONS Tool and includes activities and processes for exploring the tools that were created with youth in mind. Lib. Gen. Facilitators will have been exposed to each of these tools during their four-day training of the trainer. This guide should be a resource that can be used for reference if conflict arises within the group and/ or during the event planning process.


Liberation Generation Slides:

This is a set of slides that correspond with the modules. It could be presented by the facilitators to the youth throughout the program, and used in the four day training of the trainer.


Participant Workbook:

As the youth participants begin to reach out for community based resources, work together creatively, and invite people to be audience members for their event, they will have many opportunities to practice the VISIONS Tools. They should take notes in their workbook about their progress and goals, and also refer to it when conflict arises. The workbook includes all of the VISIONS slides with Tools that they are learning as well as writing prompts and space for note taking.


Example Curriculum Schedule:

This spreadsheet is an example of an at-a-glance outline of the entire curriculum that includes dates and times. It also includes information about the topic of individual  modules, color coding to indicate that there was a need for a leader on one of the days, and a content and icebreaker bank. Each Lib. Gen. participant, facilitator and consultant team should have one of these that is customized for the program they are working on.


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