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Jean Dolin

The Martha White Award Recipient

Jean Dolin is the Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Boston LGBTQ+ Museum of Art, History & Culture. 

Dolin is a dynamic social impact entrepreneur and community leader dedicated to championing equal and equitable rights for immigrants and the LGBTQ+ community across Massachusetts. With a versatile career spanning over a decade, he has navigated diverse sectors, including politics, nonprofit organizations, advocacy, community engagement, arts, and entrepreneurship. 

His journey commenced with crucial roles, such as working with the American Red Cross in 2015 and interning for US Senator Elizabeth Warren during his college years. Jean further contributed as a Campaign Fellow on the Clinton-Kaine presidential campaign in 2016, laying the foundation for his commitment to public service. 

In 2017, Jean's dedication to community health led him to serve as a Public Health Ambassador for the Boston Alliance for Community Health. Concurrently, he completed a year of AmeriCorps service at Social Capital Inc. and took on the role of Campaign Manager for Councilor Clerger in Randolph, Massachusetts. His efforts played a pivotal role in electing the first woman of color as an at-large councilor in the town's 200-plus years of history. 

In 2021, Jean founded the Dolin Impact Group, an impact-focused consulting practice. And has since then, collaborated with nonprofit organizations and institutions aligned with his mission to deepen relationships with communities, providing access for historically excluded and marginalized groups, and enhancing institutional policies for community building. 

With an already astounding career, the multi-hyphenate is still adding more to his burgeoned resume- working as a Multidisciplinary Creative Director, Arts Curator, Executive, Cultural Producer, Exhibition Designer, and astute serial Social Impact Entrepreneur. Notable among his recent ventures is the founding of Portraits of Pride, 2021 a significant LGBTQ-centered public art exhibit featuring influential LGBTQ leaders. In 2023, Jean founded the Boston LGBTQ+ Museum of Art, History, & Culture, marking yet another milestone in his impactful journey. Despite his distinguished achievements, Jean sees this as just the beginning, with a commitment to continue making a lasting impact in the realms of social entrepreneurship and community leadership. 

Jean’s dedication to the arts and entrepreneurship is further evident in his role as the Chief Curator for the Massachusetts LGBT Chamber of Commerce. In this capacity, he spearheads art initiatives that bridge the worlds of entrepreneurship and the arts, fostering growth opportunities for local Massachusetts artists. His commitment to equity and inclusion is at the forefront of his work, ensuring that underrepresented voices are elevated and heard. 

Jean Dolin currently serves on the Harvard University Institutional Review Board and on Harvard School of Public Health Community Coalition for Equity in Research on the Board of Directors for the LGBTQ+ Senior Housing in Hyde Park