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YES! Kit

YES! KitDo you want to:

  • Increase respect, empathy, and appreciation of differences among your youth?
  • Empower your students with proven, practical strategies that promote teamwork and collaboration across differences?
  • Give young people the language and problem solving skills needed to discuss and address difficult issues?
  • Have youth be able to critically think about their internalized biases, assumptions and beliefs?

The YES! KIT was designed for you.

The YES! Kit has helped youth, educators and youth workers to engage students and their schools, communities, and organizations through high-impact, action-oriented sessions that model respectful shared learning and problem solving.

As an educator, you know that youth can play vital roles in creating positive change. It starts with their understanding the value of an inclusive environment. Giving them an equity lens and teaching them to challenge exclusive behavior are two effective strategies that promote their participation in and impact on their communities.

The YES! Kit (Youth Engagement Strategies) equips high school and college youth to recognize, understand, and use differences for the benefit of all. The information and activities in the Kit promote thinking, feeling, and behavior which empower individuals and groups to cope with and challenge injustices they face, whether on the personal and interpersonal levels in the form of bullying or sexual and racial harassment, or at the systemic and cultural levels with issues such as lack of safety, food insecurity, and economic injustice.

The YES! Kit contains a 5 session training guide and 36-minute DVD.

YES! Kit Guide: The guide is divided into five distinct sessions that focus on each key element of the process of learning and change. With this tool, educators and youth workers can move youth from awareness to action, guided by topics such as recognizing varying forms of exclusion, understanding the impact of personal thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and translating new information and insights to the real world.

YES! Kit DVD: The DVD showcases youth in action at a Youth Engagement Strategies (YES) conference hosted by VISIONS and its partners. Within the three sections of the DVD, youth participants progress through a series of learning, change, and action oriented sessions and experiences, designed to empower them to challenge oppression in their communities.

YES! Kit

You can purchase a YES! Kit with PayPal, or fill out the Purchase Request Form online, or call VISIONS at 617-541-4100.

$150.00 per Kit ($100 when you purchase 3 or more)
3 Kits, plus half day training for $1,000
$2.95 Shipping/Handling

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