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Legacy Project

The Legacy Project—a youth employment, training and empowerment program.

Each summer teens and young adults are given the opportunity to learn the VISIONS model and run community arts events focused around justice and equity. During the school year, participants continue their training in order to become youth consultants and maintain contact with a positive peer and adult community.

The program teaches young people how to be instruments of social change by empowering them to understand the root causes of systemic inequities, and equipping them with the skills necessary to be educators of other youth. Youth gain the ability to understand their current reality through a historical, economic, and psychological lens that takes into account the effect that such oppression has over time on individuals and communities.

The Legacy Project Fresno

The Legacy Project Fresno

Jamila Capitman, Founder of the VISIONS Legacy Project, explains the purpose and impact of the program.



Location and Funding

The  Legacy Project is run out of Boston, MA and Fresno, CA with the potential to be replicated in other parts of the US, depending on funding and local interest. Legacy is financially supported by both individuals and private and corporate foundations.


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Here is what Legacy Project youth say about their experience:

“I felt sheltered, but the Legacy Project made me realize the oppression and racism in the world.”
Diana, Legacy Project participant
“Getting people to talk and become aware of true emotions could eliminate certain tensions and oppression in the school system.”
Olamide, Legacy Project participant
“I feel like every time I walk out of here I have a little more peace with myself than I did the day before.”
Nyla, Legacy Project participant
“Thinking of myself as a leader is different and challenging—because for a long time I have seen myself as someone who should just blend in, not stand out.”
Kadheem, Legacy Project participant
“Legacy has taught me new ways to deal with problems that I often run into at school when it comes to race and culture. I have also confronted my personal prejudices about certain groups, and extinguished those prejudices.”
Aaron, Legacy Project participant
“It made me meet people whose personalities blatantly contradicted the beliefs I had been fed about their race, gender or sexual orientation.”
Ryan, Legacy Project participant
“I feel like VISIONS teaches us how to fish more than handing us a fish.”
Joel, Legacy Project participant
“Other programs aren’t as fun and cherishing. They don’t care like Legacy does.”
Nyla, Legacy Project participant
“I learned that my opinion does count no matter what people might tell me.  I’m a very outspoken person and in the future I can use that to my advantage.”
Dawnteyia, Legacy Project participant
“I learned that I have a lot of built up anger and it interferes in my life.”
Jasmine, Legacy Project participant
“I jump to conclusions less, and weigh possibilities more.”
Gregory, Legacy Project participant

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