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VISIONS training supports non-profit groups and organizations who have advocacy, outreach and service as their primary mission.

We believe that organizations thrive and their sense of mission deepens when they feel equipped to work across racial, cultural and economic lines.

Clients tell us VISIONS training helps them…

Build more effective work teams.

VISIONS training gives staff the tools and confidence to communicate honestly and authentically across differences without shame or blame, enhancing both collaboration and accountability.

Develop a common understanding of mission.

VISIONS helps all levels of the organization “get on the same page”—to develop the language and framework to assess their workplace relationships, identify and address barriers to collaboration and communication, and work together to define the organization’s goals and strategies.

Prepare positively for change, internally and externally.

VISIONS helps managers and employees address key priorities, focus effectively on mission, and adapt to changes to in demographics and community needs. VISIONS training also empowers managers to provide effective feedback, increasing success and retention of talented staff.

TINA CHERY, President and Executive Director of the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute describes the impact VISIONS has on her and her organization.


Build coalitions between racial and ethnic community groups.

VISIONS helps organizations build interpersonal, institutional, and cross-cultural relationships through genuine coalitions of diverse communities. With VISIONS training, organizations become more effective allies, more successful at their mission, better able to adjust the delivery of their services to meet the needs of their constituencies, and less prone to behaviors that get in the way of authentic collaboration.

“We got youth to work well together across racial and class lines around food issues, yet nobody was talking about the harder, deeper differences and inequities among us until VISIONS gave us the language and process. VISIONS helps us keep growing and living into our core values around diversity.”
Jessica Liborio, The Food Project Diversity Committee Co-Chair
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