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VISIONS empowers individuals to learn the skills necessary to identify and challenge biases, assumptions and behavior that cause barriers to inclusion and equity in themselves, in others, and within organizations.

We believe that respectful, honest relationships with others across lines of difference are what make individuals wise and communities transformative. Both insight and skill are important in forging meaningful relationships in a diverse world.

Participants in VISIONS training.

Clients tell us VISIONS training helps them:

Have more authentic relationships across difference.

VISIONS training gives people the tools to have effective conversations about difference, acknowledging its existence and exploring its impacts. This helps create more genuine and equitable relationships at work, in community organizations, and even in personal friendships and family relationships. When differences are perceived as adding value rather than as problematic, change is possible and empowering.

Learn strategies involved in creating inclusive environments.

VISIONS stresses learning at the emotional level, as well as offering new cognitive information and opportunities for practicing new approaches. Working on multiple levels, VISIONS training helps individuals to identify personal bias and misinformation, and recognize institutional racism and other forms of systemic oppression and discrimination.

Live by their values.

VISIONS training teaches interactional skills and guides people in deeper understanding of themselves and others so that the challenging work of embracing difference and living fully in a multicultural community is possible.

Uncover their “blind spots.”

Participating in VISIONS training allows individuals to do the personal work necessary to learn about internalized messages and behaviors that block effective collaborations across difference, and to do this without blaming themselves or others.

“The VISIONS model was a wonderfully surprising approach to group interaction that I now use in personal transactions.”
From Client Survey by Pyramid Communications
“It is a framework for living your life. I started teaching my children VISIONS at the age of 9 and 11. They are now 16 and 18 and use the skills proficiently. They are amazing children as a result.”
From Client Survey by Pyramid Communications
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