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VISIONS works with a variety of healthcare service providers such as hospitals, clinics, medical schools, healthcare agencies, public health organizations, and groups working on eliminating health and well-being inequities and healthy community initiatives.

We believe that effective healthcare delivery must include an understanding and appreciation of the effect that differences—including race, culture and ethnicity, class, age, language, and gender—have on wellbeing and health, as well as the skills and tools to translate this understanding into practice.

Clients in healthcare tell us VISIONS training helps them:

Increase employee skills in communicating across differences.

VISIONS training fosters an awareness of the impact of differences and helps personnel at all levels challenge unconscious bias in personal behaviors, organizational culture, and institutional practice. We offer tools critical to improving clinical conversations, and expand the cultural responsiveness and cultural humility of staff members as they relate across differences, both within work groups and the communities they serve.

Improve job satisfaction and staff performance.

VISIONS training improves collaboration among team members and enhances staff engagement, which decreases both employee turnover and the incidence of clinical errors in the workplace.

Attract and retain a more diverse staff.

VISIONS works with healthcare organizations to develop long-term strategies to improve workforce diversity. Preparing all staff to build effective relationships across difference has a direct impact on an organization’s ability to attract and retain a diverse and talented staff.

Improve patient and client satisfaction.

VISIONS helps healthcare organizations learn concrete strategies for working with culturally different service populations. By focusing on a client-oriented approach that accounts for cultural differences, patients feel acknowledged and understood and are more likely to engage positively in their care.

Promote effective problem-solving regarding health care inequities.

VISIONS training improves the capacity of organizations offering healthy community initiatives to engage leadership and their communities around identifying and addressing social determinants of health disparities. We work with organizations to identify culturally relevant programming and clinical approaches to effectively serve people of different cultural groups.

“... the positive impact of the experience has not faded and will be remembered for a lifetime.  School nurses aren't usually in the position to receive such quality, experiential training. ”
School Based Health Care Policy Program Workshop Participant

“I am a physician.  This workshop taught me about healing.”
Chris, 4-Day Workshop participant
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