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VISIONS implements short and long term projects for cities and towns, and for various local, state and federal agencies.

We believe that government entities work most effectively when the concerns, opinions, and ideas of all constituencies are considered and incorporated into policies, plans, and strategies for the equitable benefit of all.

Government clients tell us VISIONS helps them to:

Increase the effectiveness of collaborations across differences.

Our training gives staff the tools and confidence to communicate honestly and authentically across differences, improving relationships among work team members as well as collaborations with other governmental and non-governmental units.

Facilitate healing and reconciliation over previously divisive issues.

VISIONS helps bring all parties to the table and creates a safe, non-judging environment for the sharing of information about policies, actions, and proposals that have had differential impacts on various sectors of the population. Skilled facilitators ensure that everyone involved has a common language and guidelines to promote conversations that allow for accountability without blame or shame.

ANGELA BRYANT, Co-Founder of VISIONS and local government official, explains how VISIONS can benefit public agencies.



Create inclusive and innovative strategies to address current challenges.

VISIONS works with governments and related groups to address such issues as the creation of equitable economic empowerment zones, racial profiling and racial violence, differential racial impacts of disaster recovery, and racially polarized voting on city councils.

Train leadership teams to be internal catalysts for long-term change.

VISIONS helps develop leadership teams at all levels that put diversity and inclusion as a regular part of their agenda along side budget, efficiency, headcount, program and services, etc. Through intensive training, these individuals share an understanding of the inclusion strategies needed for lasting change at the personal, interpersonal, cultural, and institutional levels.

Attract and retain diverse and talented personnel at every level.

Municipal work forces are often segregated, with few persons of color in management, and a concentration of persons of color in lower level jobs. VISIONS helps cities and towns, as well as governmental agencies, improve the diversity of their workforce by creating an inclusive environment and increase promotion opportunities by empowering managers to provide effective feedback.

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