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VISIONS helps foundations at the Board, Senior Management, Staff and Grantee levels deliver on their commitment to equity by translating it into concrete, meaningful actions and behaviors in day-to-day activities.

We believe that foundations can be key catalysts for social justice and equity as they create opportunities for sustained authentic contact within their organization and the communities they serve.

Clients tell us VISIONS helped their foundation:

Build a common understanding of the practice of inclusion.

VISIONS training and consultation allows foundation employees and grantees to join in experiential learning that gives them a common language and builds skills in addressing issues of difference, both internally and externally. Training also results in improved employee collaboration, problem-solving, and job satisfaction.

Diversify their Board and create collaborative support for equity work.

VISIONS helps Boards endorse and financially support the foundation’s equity work for the long term. Our work also helps Boards become models of the diversity they seek for their organization—both in representation and in the perspectives they bring to the table.

JOSIE GREENE, Family Foundation Trustee explains how VISIONS impacts her family foundation.



Develop effective criteria for measuring success in advocacy and policy change.

Measuring outcomes in this area can be “messy” and VISIONS helps foundations develop process indicators that take into account the embedded nature of the institutional, cultural, personal and social factors that are involved in the process of change.

Address difficult issues of privilege and power directly, honestly, and without blame or judgment.

In order to become better allies to and with the communities they serve, foundations need to address the underlying complexities inherent in foundation creation and the grant-giving process. Through our theory and process, VISIONS gives members of the organization the language and the guidelines to have open conversations across difference regarding equity, privilege, and power sharing and to model this internally and in public.

“VISIONS worked with us over several years at the Board, Program Director, Staff and Grantee levels. They provided outstanding service to our organization through their thorough knowledge, expertise and their “no blame or shame” approach. Their work with us helped all members in the on-going journey to view Diversity, Inclusion and Racial Equity not merely as slogans, but to translate them into concrete, meaningful actions and behaviors in our day-to-day activities. VISIONS provided us with new insights, the knowledge, tools and the confidence to leverage differences for positive and lasting societal impacts.”
Sterling K. Speirn, former President and CEO, W.K. Kellogg Foundation
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