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VISIONS supports faith-based institutions and worshipping communities, seminaries, and religious governing bodies seeking to adopt an inclusive perspective in their community, purpose and service.  Participants have included clergy and other religious leaders, administrators, lay leaders, members of boards and commissions, youth, young adults, and seminarians.

We believe that faith thrives when the diversity of humanity and all Creation is honored and when religious institutions not only speak of justice and equity, but commit—at their core—to act for justice and equality.

Clients tell us VISIONS helps them to:

Build a stronger “beloved community”.

VISIONS training gives people the tools to have effective conversations about difference, acknowledging its existence and exploring its impacts. This creates more authentic and equitable relationships at all levels of the community. When differences—such as race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, language, and theological outlook—are perceived as adding value rather than as problematic, organizational change is both possible and celebrated.

Attract and retain a more diverse clergy, staff, and congregation.

VISIONS helps personnel at all levels challenge unconscious bias in personal behaviors, organizational culture, and institutional practice.
This fosters the change necessary to create a more inclusive community, broadens the base of participation, and encourage deeper involvement
and commitment over the long term.

SUZANNE EHLY, Professor at Episcopal Divinity School explains the impact of VISIONS training on students.



Build “buy-in” and commitment for diversity and inclusion initiatives and mission.

VISIONS training and consultation builds the organization’s internal capacity to advocate for and support diversity and inclusion programs. In addition, coaching and training of key leaders and personnel supports the multicultural process of change.

Actively live their spiritual beliefs.

Embracing difference is both joyous and difficult work. VISIONS training provides tools for individuals and organizations to align spiritual tenets and theological understanding of mission with the regular practice of inclusion, justice and equity.

“As a clergy person, I had been to inclusivity training events before that left me feeling defensive and attacked for being a white guy. So initially I wasn’t fully present when I sat down for the VISIONS workshop. But the tools that they shared have benefitted me personally and my church in such a way that I voluntarily came back to learn more and have invited people from my church and church staff to join me. I want the kind of things I learned from VISIONS to become a part of the culture at my church…it is helping me and my church become the beloved community that God created us to be.”
Pastor Dave Williamson, United Methodist Church


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