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VISIONS works with a wide range of businesses at all levels of management and staff. We customize our training and consulting to fit your needs.

We believe that diversity in personal and professional settings is no longer an option. It is now a certain reality. The individuals and organizations that embrace this reality, and take the steps to engage it, will find themselves better able to compete in the global marketplace.

Clients say VISIONS training helped them…

Develop solutions to complex problems and remove barriers to execution.

VISIONS gives companies a multifaceted and penetrating lens to look at complex problems and analyze their impacts at varying levels—personal, interpersonal, institutional and cultural. Through training, consulting, and executive coaching, we make sure personnel have the tools and skills to execute the changes necessary to ensure long-term effectiveness and profitability.

Analyze workplace dynamics accurately and deal with difficult issues.

VISIONS helps businesses examine their culture and work relationships to identify what is working and where there are difficulties. Team members are able to recognize and address problems arising from unconscious attitudes and assumptions regarding difference within a positive, guilt-free environment.

SUSAN EHRLICH, Director of Human Resources at Shawmut Design and Construction explains the benefits to the company of working with VISIONS.





Respond efficiently to change, internally and externally.

VISIONS helps companies manage their organizational development more effectively and adapt to shifts in staff and customer demographics, including those involving race, ethnicity, nationality, age, and gender. They also open up possibilities for creating strategic alliances across difference and integrating the resulting corporate cultures.

Make employees feel more valued and engaged.

VISIONS training results in higher job satisfaction, leading to increased productivity and decreased absenteeism for all employees. Our consultations have also led to improved retention rates and promotion opportunities for employees of color and others from historically disadvantaged groups.

Get everyone involved in improvement.

VISIONS training gives staff the tools and confidence to communicate across differences, and builds stronger collaborations between employees. It improves managers’ skill in providing appropriate and helpful feedback to personnel.

“There has been a greater awareness of how to leverage differences and how those differences add value and impact successful outcomes.”
From Client Survey by Pyramid Communications
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