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The diversity of our clients is our strength.

We believe that our experience in one client sector can allow us to bring innovative solutions to another. Not specializing in one industry or region has helped us remain:

  • Flexible in our approach,
  • Creative in our methods,
  • Able to customize our response to each client’s needs.

We reflect the diversity of our clients.

VISIONS’ racially and culturally diverse group of consultants come from a variety of professional, educational, and community work experiences and their expertise spans a broad range of human resources and organizational development issues.

Jarrow Merenivitch, Retired Procter & Gamble Executive, describes impact VISIONS had on their company.




Sandy Thompson explains the impact of VISIONS on her work over 20 years.




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Ed Rodman, Episcopal Priest and Professor at Episcopal Divinity School, describes the impact of VISIONS training on faculty and students.




Amara Iwuh, Legacy Project Participant discusses the impact of VISIONS on her life.


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