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Our Values

We believe that the work we do is essential to the success of every person, community, and organization.

We operate by the philosophy that an environment with a strong framework for diversity and inclusion will bear the fruits not only in the organizational culture and bottom line, but in ongoing relationships and daily interactions.

We believe in doing what’s important, not what’s easy.

We exist in order to make the hard conversations possible, and guide our clients through the process of overcoming their barriers and fears, whether they exist at the personal, interpersonal, cultural, or institutional level.

We believe that people don’t know what they don’t know.

Our work is based on the understanding that we all must first build awareness of unconscious beliefs, assumptions, and behaviors and then set the stage for a conscious and lasting shift in those behaviors. No one should be blamed for not knowing. And, once we know, we can choose to act.

We believe that working through difference is not about creating guilt.

We remove the stigma of shame and blame associated with issues of difference, in order to create room for open and honest communication throughout all stages of the process.

Valerie Batts, Co-Founder & Executive Director, explains VISIONS approach to language and how it enhances our effectiveness.




We believe that our defining purpose is to leave our clients better than we found them.

It is our lasting mission to create and implement new guiding principles for our clients that will endure even after our work is done.

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