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Who We Are

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be a catalyst for a more equitable world where differences are valued and used for the benefit of all.

Mission Statement

Our mission is:

  • To equip individuals, organizations, and communities with the tools needed to thrive in a diverse world.
  • To remove structural and cultural barriers that prevent full and equitable participation.
  • To help create environments where differences are recognized, understood, appreciated, and utilized for the benefit of all.

We will realize this mission by implementing a time-tested, insight-driven training and consulting model that will empower our clients to become catalysts for change and effectively engage all people in the deep, challenging, and rewarding work of authentic inclusion, personally and within their organizations and communities.

VISIONS is celebrated for its change-oriented approach to diversity and inclusion work.

We offer clients the tools and skills to:

  • Communicate more effectively across difference.
  • Create a non-judgmental atmosphere which allows for challenges and accountability without accusation and blame.
  • Analyze complex issues regarding race, class, gender and other differences at the personal, interpersonal, institutional and cultural levels.
  • Create strategies for inclusion that allow for engagement of all participants, so they can perform to their full potential.

VISIONS has a highly trained team of consultants around the United States and abroad. Since 1984, VISIONS has trained more than 115,000 people and, in the last decade, worked with over 500 organizations. Moving forward, we are developing the next generation of youth leaders through our Youth Empowerment Workshops and the Legacy Project.

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