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Customized Training

As a standard practice, VISIONS tailors core training materials and course emphasis to fit participants’ needs. However, VISIONS also offers training, seminars and workshops for specific client needs around diversity and inclusion issues.

Examples of these might be:

  • A presentation, talk, or interactive discussion for a school group, organization event, board of trustees, work group, or management team on a particular topic related to cultural identities, difference, unconscious bias, or a challenging diversity-related issue.
  • A full or half-day seminar designed to create “buy-in” to an organization’s diversity and inclusion initiative.
  • PACE (Personal Approach to Change and Equity) Workshop designed exclusively for an organization or community, both in curricula, timeframe and location.
  • YES! Kit training for organizations that have purchased these materials and desire additional expertise and support.

Richard Hinton, human resources professional at Shawmut Design and Construction, explains the benefit of VISIONS customized training.




In 2010, 42 researchers from around the world gathered for a four-day World Cohort Integration Workshop sponsored by Harvard School of Public Health. Day 1 was devoted solely to issues of cross-cultural collaboration—a customized training led by VISIONS.

“By combining practical exercises with guidelines for effective cross-cultural dialogue, we were ready to start our cohort discussions on day two. How did it go? In one word: ‘Excellent.’”
World Cohort Participant from Sweden
“This was greatly beneficial and should be mandatory for events of this nature, leading to a greater level than usual of introspection and genuine engagement.”
World Cohort Participant from South Africa

“VISIONS tailored their training to fit our cultural language (since we are a religious organization) and they did their homework about who we were. VISIONS really focused on getting to know us first, went with our priorities and got us engaged.”
From Client Survey by Pyramid Communications

Interested in designing a training specifically for your organization?

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