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Coaching supports leaders through the inevitable challenges, both personal and organizational, of implementing a change process.

VISIONS offers ongoing services for executives, senior managers, and organizational leaders to get coaching and feedback tailored to their unique situations. Coaching is particularly critical during periods of staff reductions, mergers, implementation of new work systems, rapid expansion and conflict. It leads to an effective use of power in managerial relationships where leaders can innovatively draw on differences among staff.

Josie Greene, Family Foundation Trustee talks about the impact of VISIONS coaching.



“In 1995, as a new team manager at my company, VISIONS helped my director and I have candid conversations about our different perceptions of the issues and challenges I faced, which were influenced by differences in age, gender, race and life experience. With VISIONS help, we reached a level of trust and understanding that wasn’t there before—both of us stayed open to learning from each other. I still use what I got from VISIONS in my current professional life.”
Cornelia, Coaching participant

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