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We look at both where you are and where you want to be.

All of our consultations include an initial organizational assessment to ensure that we tailor our approach to our client’s needs.

In this exchange, VISIONS consultants will:

  • Meet onsite or by phone with key leaders to get a sense of the organizational climate.
  • Determine the desired outcomes from a diversity and inclusion initiative.
  • Review the strengths, resources, and assets already working to create cultural diversity in the organization.
  • Identify areas of concern.
  • Examine the existing or potential impact of any major organizational initiatives.

At times, a more formal, in-depth assessment is called for—particularly in order to get buy-in from governing boards, senior management, or staff for an organization’s diversity and inclusion goals.

Susan Erlich, Director of Human Resources at Shawmut Design and Construction explains the benefit of an organizational assessment.


In these cases, we:

  • Use surveys, focus groups and individual interviews to hear directly from participants
  • Review written and web materials to understand organizational practice
  • Prepare a report containing recommendations and strategies for maintaining, enhancing, or creating an effective and diverse organization.


Do you have a challenge facing your organization?

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