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Is Reconciliation Possible? Lessons From Combating “Modern Racism”

In this newly revised article, Dr. Valerie Batts offers personal reflections on and responses to the social history of oppression and racially-motivated violence in the United States, “Is Reconciliation Possible” examines, both in the U.S. and South Africa, the concept of covert and systemic “modern racism” and outlines a model for combating it to bring about community transformation and reconciliation….read more →

Critical Success Factors for an Inclusive Diversity Initiative

Critical Success Factors for an Inclusive Diversity Initiative

Assumptions & Critical Success Factors In this article, VISIONS consultant Dr. Thomas Griggs offers an important look at what it takes to create a successful Inclusive Diversity Initiative, emphasizing the process-oriented nature of managing such a project. While presenting the extremely complex contexts that surround these initiatives, Dr. Griggs sets forth clear predictors of success observed from years of experience….read more →

Understanding the Role of White Male Leadership in Diversity

In this article, Cooper Thompson examines white male denial about oppression and some of the barriers to change around diversity work experienced by white males. Through the presentation, he makes suggestions for overcoming these barriers and recognizing privilege that include finding ways to embrace – with head and heart – their role in changing cultural norms and expectations and embracing…read more →