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Business Testimonials

Business Testimonials

“VISIONS worked with us over several years at the Board, Program Director, Staff and Grantee levels. They provided outstanding service to our organization through their thorough knowledge, expertise and their “no blame or shame” approach. Their work with us helped all members in the on-going journey to view Diversity, Inclusion and Racial Equity not merely as slogans, but to translate them into concrete, meaningful actions and behaviors in our day-to-day activities. VISIONS provided us with new insights, the knowledge, tools and the confidence to leverage differences for positive and lasting societal impacts.”

— Sterling K. Speirn, former President and CEO, W.K. Kellogg Foundation



“The VISIONS workshop was tremendously beneficial for St. Mark’s. By spending four days together and talking with candor, the senior administrative team’s trust in each other and our orientation deepened. On an individual level, I came away from the retreat with a deeper commitment to exerting explicit leadership around issues of diversity, and have already begun to do so with students and staff. We are currently working our way through a challenging situation…and I think the fact that we spent those days together helped us, as a leadership team, see a greater complexity and also be better able to bear the inevitable pain that comes along with living and working in a diverse school community.”

— John Warren, Head of School St. Marks School



“As a clergy person, I had been to inclusivity training events before that left me feeling defensive and attacked for being a white guy. So initially I wasn’t fully present when I sat down for the VISIONS workshop. But the tools that they shared have benefitted me personally and my church in such a way that I voluntarily came back to learn more and have invited people from my church and church staff to join me. I want the kind of things I learned from VISIONS to become a part of the culture at my church…it is helping me and my church become the beloved community that God created us to be.”

— Pastor Dave Williamson, United Methodist Church
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