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Our Theory

We look at all variables at all levels.

VISIONS’ theory challenges all participants to look at the pervasive impact of unconscious assumptions, biases, and power imbalances on their personal behavior as well as their organization’s behavior. It clearly defines the traps and strategies used, often unconsciously, to erect barriers to inclusion at all levels—personal, interpersonal, institutional and cultural.

Based on research in modern racism done by Dr. Valerie Batts, Executive Director and co-founder, VISIONS theory also powerfully addresses other areas of difference, such as gender, class, ethnicity, religion, education, language, and sexual orientation. We feel it is critical to look at the complex interrelationship of the many variables that affect diversity and inclusion.

Co-Founder & Executive Director Valerie Batts introduces VISIONS theory around various differences.

VISIONS Co-Founder John Capitman explains VISIONS theory and process.



We create a positive guilt-free environment.

Our theory includes specific guidelines that affect cognitive, behavioral and affective understanding. The guidelines promote openness and prevent feelings of guilt or shame, allowing for learning and accountability. Clients tell us these guidelines have become pivotal in their daily personal and professional lives and stay with them long after VISIONS has completed onsite training and consultation.

Change—not just awareness—is the goal.

We are in business to create impact for our clients. We define impact as identifiable changes at the personal, institutional and cultural level. Through our theory, we provide clients with a set of customized, actionable tools to achieve this goal. We work by their side until the desired shifts in behavior and institutional practice occur.

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