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Intra-cultural group sharing at a PACE workshop.

We pay attention not only to what is said, but what is unsaid.

We believe that the process greatly affects the outcome of any initiative. VISIONS considers equally both content and process. Our consultants are trained to observe and respond to what is spoken and unspoken and to the varying levels of participation and engagement during each client work session.

Our process considers both intent and outcome.

Often work output or group dynamics are derailed by a miss between what was intended by an action, statement or plan and how it was actually perceived by those whom it impacts. VISIONS consultants observe when these misses happen and follow up with targeted questions designed to directly address any fears, concerns, and misunderstandings that may exist. We train clients to see the link between process and outcome.

We practice what we preach.

Our focus on process and content does not begin or end with our client work sessions. At VISIONS, we implement the same model in our own interactions, allowing our team to be aware of, and accountable to, our words, behaviors, actions and each other.

“I enjoyed the workshop because the consultants wanted the learnings to reach people where they were at, not to preach at them.”
From Client Survey by Pyramid Communications
“I liked everything about this training, especially that the facilitators never made us feel bad for the biases we have caught.
Bill, PACE Workshop Participant


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